About East Road Beverages

East Road Beverages (ERB) understands that the foundation of our success is based on consistently meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations. With the wisdom gained through experience and the efficiency captured, our knowledge allows us to provide our customers quality craft products.


East Road Beverages is a Woman owned & MBE organization.

COVID-19 Response

As the alcohol industry rallies to mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, distilleries small and large are firing up their stills to contribute a crucial resource—hand sanitizer—to hospitals, first responders, and communities in need.


Maryland-based East Road Beverages — has been manufacturing hand sanitizer to distribute to local hospitals, doctors’ offices, nursing homes, etc. since the start of the pandemic. Working with county health departments and other organizatons, ERB has been able to quickly and cost effectively meet the needs of these organizations.

Hand crafted with the best ingredients, our products are sure to meet your needs.

Whether the recipe calls for high-proof premium spirits, liqueurs, wine-based products, mixers, pre-mixed cocktails or an entirely new libation, the East Road Beverages’ team and facilities are equipped to produce a diverse range of flavors with excellent results.


Our staff works closely with customers to create and produce high-quality spirits and liqueurs that meet a range of needs and objectives, exceed expectations and satisfy consumers.


Let us help you to take your product idea from the drawing board to the retail shelf. Contact us today!

Beverage (spirits, wine, and beer) distributor in Maryland looking for a Beverage Sales Lead to build a dedicated sales team while providing the most diverse portfolio of craft and other brands. We’re a modern, dynamic, progressive beverage company, yet grounded with old-fashioned values of hard work, loyalty, and a genuine commitment to excellence.


Candidates should be dedicated and regimented in their approach, but able to adjust to a wide variety of customer needs and requests. Customer service and focus will be the key to success in this role. Individuals who are both competitive and aggressive in nature are often very successful…

Bringing you the finest in caribbean inspired beverages. Bring the tantalizing flavors of Jamaica home with you today.

Our CDC approved hand sanitizer to is available in Gel and Non-Gel/Liquid formula and is available for purchase online. We offer shipping, Pick up, and local delivery.

East Road Beverages, LLC.
4461 Southern Business Park Drive, White Plains, MD 20695

E-mail: info@eastroadbeverages.com

Website: www.eastroadbeverages.com


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